Dietetic interventions for eating disorders in the outpatient setting
This introductory workshop will explore the nutritional management of eating disorders for both adolescents and adults in the outpatient setting. Commencing with an exploration of understanding the eating disorders and the evidence based treatment models to provide a common grounding for the group, the workshop will then explore the key principles of nutritional management and the associated physical and psychological challenges reported by clients when implementing dietary change. Strategies and tools to manage these challenges will be discussed, with an emphasis on practical, ready to deliver processes that can be implemented in your dietetic practice. Throughout the workshop, case studies and small group work will be used to highlight and consolidate key learnings. Although not essential, participants are encouraged to bring a relevant case study of their own to enhance the real life application of the workshop.​SATURDAY WORKSHOP (April 6)
​Dietetic interventions for eating disorders in the inpatient setting and an overview of refeeding syndrome and expert panel discussion/roundtable 
With eating disorder therapy mostly occurring in the outpatient setting, a number of people require inpatient admission for medical complications associated with their eating disorder. This morning workshop will begin with a discussion focussed on the criteria commonly used to assess the need for inpatient admission for both adolescents and adults living with an eating disorder. The evidence base for refeeding syndrome in eating disorders will be reviewed and used a platform to highlight key principles of dietetic care and management in the inpatient setting. Challenges and other factors influential in the application of these principles will be explored in the context of the multi-disciplinary team and established inpatient systems. Case studies and group discussion will be used to highlight and consolidate key learnings.

The session will conclude with an expert panel discussion/round-table activity.

  • Shane Jeffrey (facilitator)
  • Bridgit Eder (South Island EDS)
  • Stella Friedlander (Starship Hospital, Auckland)
  • Estella Leek (Starship Hospital & Shelly Beach Practice, Auckland)
  • Fiona Sutherland (Body Positive Australia, Melbourne)

Shane Jeffrey


Shane is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with 25 years of experience as a dietitian in both the private and public sectors. During this time he has worked almost exclusively in the field of eating disorders and the non-diet approach. Shane is the treasurer and a past executive member of the Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders, and is a past chairperson for the eating disorder interest group of the Dietitians Association of Australia and the nutrition interest group for the Academy for Eating Disorders.

​Shane is the director and senior dietitian at two Queensland based private practices, River Oak Health and Food Mind Body, both of which clinics have a strong emphasis on the nutritional management of eating disorders and disordered eating. With a strong interest in developing the dietetic workforce in the eating disorder space, Shane teaches into dietetic degrees across four universities and provides mentoring and professional supervision to dietitians practicing in this area.