International Conferences

The 27th International Kongress Essstörungen 2019

Eating Disorders Alpbach 2019
Anorexia & Bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder, Adipositas / Obesity
17. – 19. October 2019, Alpbach, Tyrol,  Austria
Open to sufferers, carers and professionals.

Convenors & Chairs:
Prof. (FH) Karin Waldherr, Prof. Günther Rathner, Ph.D.
Prof. Ursula Bailer, Prof. Andreas Karwautz, M.D., Medical University of Vienna, Austria

Organised by:
Netzwerk Essstoerungen in cooperation with Austrian Society on Eating Disorders and  Innsbruck Medical University
​Phone +43-512-57 60 26