Seeking Individuals interested in participating in an International Eating Disorders Observership Program in Australia and New Zealand

The largest international eating disorder conference International Conference on Eating Disorders (ICED) 2020 Sydney ANZAED AED will be held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney on June 11-13, 2020 bringing together over 1,000 clinicians, researchers and students. The 2020 conference will be co-hosted by the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) and Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED).

In conjunction with this conference a clinical, research and organisation Observership program has been developed to foster international collaboration and education.

The program aims to provide learning and networking opportunities for international visitors with Australian institutions.

The program is targetted at students & early career clinicians as well as students & early career researchers, plus service development organisation staff. It allows the opportunity to learn about local practices and to set up networking relationships by spending a number of days before or after ICED2020 with local organisations – sitting in, observing and discussing programs and practices.

Second Phase (CLOSED): Seeking International Participants to Apply for the International Eating Disorders Observership Program

Applications are now open for International clinical students, early career clinicians and researchers and service development professionals for the program before or after ICED 2020 Sydney.

The institutions and organisations are available for placements for a minimum three days duration and are listed in the form.  Participants are invited to apply and select their preferred placements. Allocations will be tailored to offer the students and clinicians, the most suitable opportunity to observe and be exposed to eating disorder treatments and research initiatives that are provided by Australian organisations.

Please find further details here.

Download list of Institutions from here!


  • Institution expression of interest deadline OPEN
  • Observer expression of interest OPEN
  • Observer application close date9 February 2020 (CLOSED)
  • Institutions to provide timeframe for observer to submit required documentation to them (e.g. Criminal record checks, Working with children Check, Visa application, HR/Code of Conduct forms)

For any further information or assistance please feel free to contact us at or phone (+61) 491 134 289. 

First Phase (CLOSED): Invitation to Institutions in Australia and New Zealand to register their interest through the Expression of Interest Form

Through this Observership program, we wish to invite institutions/organisation to participate in placement opportunities. These institutions would offer short term placements for interested observers in relevant programs. Each of these placements will be of a minimum three days duration, and occur immediately prior to or following the conference, and will be tailored to opportunities and interests of the host institution and the observers. The placements would offer the student and clinicians an opportunity to observe and be exposed to eating disorder treatments and research initiatives in Australia and New Zealand. 

Please find further details here.