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Executive Committee

Sian Mclean

President: Siãn McLean

Siãn McLean, PhD, is a Lecturer in Psychology at Victoria University and an Honorary Research Fellow at La Trobe University, based in Melbourne, Australia. Siãn is a research psychologist whose work examines body image, with a particular focus on social media and the preventive role of media literacy, stigma in eating disorders and effects on treatment seeking, and impact of weight bias on psychological health and health care behaviours.

Siãn has board experience in a number of different roles. She is currently a Director (President) of a small not-for-profit Cooperative and also a Director of recently established charity, The Pretty Foundation. The vision and mission of The Pretty Foundation is to empower women and girls to feel confident in their bodies. Siãn’s role is to provide expert input regarding body image for content and campaigns for parents in relation to their young children.

Rachel Lawson

President-Elect: Rachel Lawson

Rachel is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Head of the South Island Eating Disorders Service for the Canterbury District Health Board, Christchurch, New Zealand. Rachel has extensive experience in the treatment of eating disorders in both New Zealand and the United Kingdom. She supervises, consults and trains local and national audiences, and presents at national and international conferences. She has an interest in workforce development, for which she has held both national and Australasian-wide project roles. She was made a Fellow of the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists (NZCCP) in 2017 in recognition of her work in the field of eating disorders. Rachel served as a member of the ANZAED executive board for two terms. She organised ANZAED’s webinar series over this time and was a member of the professional development, advocacy and partnership committee. In 2016 she was chair of the ANZAED annual conference and was co-chair of the ANZAED Autumn workshop series in 2019. In 2020 she was a member of the scientific committee which organised the joint AED and ANZAED Virtual conference. She co-chaired the Keynote address at the conference and worked with the ANZAED team to organise the Meet the expert’s session.

Mandy Goldstein

Secretary: Mandy Goldstein

Dr Mandy Goldstein is the Principal Clinical Psychologist at MGPsych, a growing private practice founded in 2008, with a focus on the treatment of those living with eating disorders (EDs) and/or trauma. Since completing a Doctorate in Psychology focused on EDs, she has worked with and undertaken research in EDs across contexts including in- and day-patient settings, and The Redleaf Practice, a multidisciplinary private practice providing evidence based treatment for EDs. In opening MGPsych, she aimed to share her passion for early intervention and evidence based treatment, and was among the first in Sydney to offer FBT in a private practice setting. Having honed her clinical experience over 15 years, she remains committed to generating practice-based research, and alongside treatment, provides supervision and training to early-career clinicians, drawing on expert knowledge of model-based treatments such as FBT/CBTe, as well as on the principles core to good ED treatment. As an active ANZAED member since 2008, Mandy has presented research/workshops at several conferences. Mandy was a member of the 2017 Plenary Committee, an invited Trauma Plenary speaker (2018), and Co-Chair of the Research-Practice Global Think-Tank (AED/ANZAED ICED2020), and she is also an ANZAED Online Consultant. Mandy has served as Secretary of ANZAED since 2019, and as an Office Bearer has been involved at a leadership level on ANZAED’s Executive. In her initial term as Secretary, and as Chair of the Policies and Procedures Committee, she has provided effective governance supporting ANZAED’s growth towards credentialing, supported policy review/development, and developed a sound understanding of ANZAED’s operations and strategic focus.

Shane Jeffrey

Treasurer: Shane Jeffrey

Shane is a dietitian with 25 years experience. During this time he has worked almost exclusively in eating disorders and the broader area of eating, weight and body image concerns, where he has experience in providing treatment and services across the private and public sectors to children, adolescents and adults in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. Shane is currently the founder, clinical director, and senior dietitian at FMB Wellbeing – Food Mind Body, a private practice providing dedicated services in the area of eating, weight and body image concerns, with a primary focus on eating disorders and a non diet approach to weight management. Shane’s leadership as a dietitian has seen him chair local, national, and international committees, teach undergraduate and postgraduate students across four universities, and present at conferences both nationally and internationally. Shane has an interest in service evaluation and research, with his activity in this area leading to the development of state-wide service initiatives, numerous conference presentations and university collaborations. While Shane values his academic and professional learnings, he acknowledges that his richest learnings have come through the people and families he has worked with over the years, and for this reason, Shane is a strong advocate and supporter of the lived experience finding its way into eating disorder treatment models.

Kim Hurst

Past President: Kim Hurst

Dr Kim Hurst is a Senior Psychologist and the Clinical Lead at Robina Private Hospital’s Eating Disorders Service, she also is in Private Practice. Prior to this Kim was a founding member of the Gold Coast Child & Youth Mental Health Service (CYMHS), Eating Disorder Program (EDP). Kim has been delivering eating disorder treatment for over fifteen years and is a credentialed FBT therapist who provides training, supervision and consultation to clinicians across Queensland. Kim has worked across a range of eating disorder treatment settings including psychiatric and medical inpatient units and outpatient services. She has developed specialist eating disorder clinical policies and is focused on service improvement strategies to enhance treatment delivery. Kim is also passionate about early intervention programs and has delivered workshops to school children, guidance officers and teachers on positive body image. ​Kim was previously the President of ANZAED and has coordinated a national eating disorder conference and smaller workshop events. Kim has a solid record of presenting at local, national and international eating disorder conferences and has several published works within the field.


Committee Member: Megan Bray

Megan Bray is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Director of Collective Health Co, a private practice established to provide treatment for those with eating disorders on the Sunshine Coast. Megan has experience working with this population across the inpatient and outpatient settings and is currently undertaking a PhD exploring Interprofessional Collaborative Practice in outpatient eating disorder treatment.

Shannon Calvert_Updated

Committee Member: Shannon Calvert

Shannon is a lived experience professional, having experienced a longstanding eating disorder. Her expertise lies in collaborating alongside clinicians, researchers, and organisations that champion wellbeing through education, training, and supervision. Advocating for person-centred, recovery-oriented and integrated best practice, she is a Consumer and Peer Consultant for a large Health Service in WA, and a Lived Experience Educator.

Shannon has presented at national and international conferences on the importance of compassion in treatment interventions; consumer and carer engagement in design of policy, and education; as well as her lived experience of an eating disorder and trauma. She was invited as a plenary speaker at the 2019 International Conference on Eating Disorders presenting on the topic of “When does the time come for compulsory treatment?”

Shannon has a renowned dedication for eating disorder and mental health reform, representing and supporting the activities of all professionals working in the field of eating disorders and related issues in prevention, treatment and research. She is the consumer representative for the Advisory Committee for National Research & Translation of Eating Disorders. Shannon is co-convenor for the ANZAED 2021 conference and member of the Consumer Carer and Membership Committees, and has international links, being a member of AED’s Experts by Experience Committee.

Jess Ryan

Committee Member: Jessica Ryan

Jess Ryan is a Clinical Psychologist, Family Therapist, and Senior Eating Disorder Clinician at The Victorian Centre of Excellence in Eating Disorders (CEED). Jess has extensive experience across both the private and public health sector, in both mental health and eating disorder specialist services. At CEED, Jess works within the youth team and is the clinical lead for the role out of Multi-Family Therapy (MFT-AN), in addition, she provides clinical consultation and delivers training for health professionals (including FBT-AN, Body Image, CBT-GSH). Her work is motivated by committed to ensuring people with EDs have access to equitable and high quality evidenced-based treatment.

Alongside her role at CEED, Jess works at Nourish. Nurture. Thrive., a private practice specialising in providing support for people with eating disorders and body image concerns. She is passionate about family inclusive practices, believing that directly engaging families is beneficial in the recovery process and fostering greater understanding for those involved.


Committee Member: Fiona Sutherland

Fiona is an Accredited Practising Dietitian & Nutritionist and Director of Body Positive Australia and The Mindful Dietitian. Fiona has been active in the Eating Disorder treatment space for over 15 years in the private sector, primarily offering group-based and individual Nutrition Therapy for clients with Binge Eating Disorder and chronic dieting presentations.

Fiona is also a Sports Dietitian, currently Nutrition Consultant at The Australian Ballet School & Racing Victoria’s Jockey Apprenticeship Program. Fiona is active in the education and training space, with fellow Dietitians and students specifically in the integration of the Non Diet Approach to Dietetic treatment. She is a guest lecturer in the Masters Dietetics programs at Deakin University and Monash University in the areas of eating behaviour, body image, Non Diet Approach and Counselling Skills.

Gemma Sharp

Committee Member: Gemma Sharp

I am a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Senior Research Fellow and lead the Body Image Research Group at the Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre at Monash University in Melbourne. I lead a range of research projects in collaboration with the Butterfly Foundation and social media platforms (Facebook/Instagram) which involve the development of novel online interventions for body image and eating disorders. I am also a clinical psychologist running my own private practice where I specialise in the treatment of eating disorders. I have worked clinically in the field of eating disorders in both the public and private sectors across three states (SA, WA and VIC).

I am currently the Early Career Representative on the Victorian Chapter of the Australian Psychological Society Clinical College and formerly the early career representative on the national clinical college committee. As a senior researcher as well as clinical psychologist I bring strong scientist-practitioner skills to the Executive Committee role.

Sarah Wells

Committee Member: Sarah Wells

As a clinical psychologist in Hobart, Tasmania, I have 18 years experience working in the eating disorder sector, across private and public child, adolescent, family and adult spheres. I am a passionate advocate and engage in professional, community development and education about eating disorders, having been an active member and co-chair of the ANZAED social media committee for the last few years, and using my own social media platforms and local media representatives to increase engagement and understanding of eating disorders. I am trained in a variety of evidence based models, including FBT, CBT-E, SSCM, MANTRA, IPT, AFT, APT; as well as family therapy, schema therapy, EMDR and interpersonal psychodynamic therapy. I enjoy training and supervising other clinicians in the eating disorder fields.