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For all ANZAED editorial and public relations enquiries, please contact Development Director, Jeremy Freeman.

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    Jeremy Freeman is the Development Director at ANZAED and assists ANZAED develop its range of member services as well as in advocating for the needs of clinicians, researchers and others to better understand and support people with Eating Disorders. Based in Sydney Australia, Jeremy has worked for several years as a clinical psychologist. He has qualifications and experience in health management and administration, and has worked for the NSW Health Department, the Centre for Eating & Dieting Disorders (CEDD), the National Eating Disorder Collaboration (NEDC).

    Hilary Crilly is the Project Manager at ANZAED working as part of ANZAED’s partnership with the National Eating Disorder Collaboration to develop and implement a credentialing system for eating disorder treatment professionals. Hilary has worked in a variety of health industry roles including with The Butterfly Foundation. She has qualifications and experience in finance, governance, policy, and health economics. Hilary has been part of several projects related to safety and quality in healthcare and is motivated by ability to contribute to improving health outcomes.

    Rini Das is the Operations Manager at ANZAED. Rini’s role primarily includes managing ANZAED’s day to day activities, webinar, workshops, conferences & membership services. Rini has extensive experience of working as a Project Officer with another member based not for profit organisation. She is eager to contribute to the health care industry with her passion and drive.

    Kirsten Maier is the Digital Projects Manager at ANZAED. She is involved with the development of ANZAED’s suite of web-based resources and digital e-learning activities to further enhance professional development opportunities. She also spends her time creating content and digital marketing activities to make sure that members and the wider community know about said initiatives. With more than a decade of experience in marketing and communications, Kirsten is also a recent APD graduate with a deep sense of purpose to make a meaningful contribution in the Eating Disorders field.