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BodyMatters are pleased to introduce our Eating Disorder Focused Family Therapy Skills Workshop.

A series of three small group workshops to enhance confidence and develop skills interviewing and supporting families undergoing family therapy treatment for an eating disorder. These will be intensive small groups with a maximum of 10 attendees per session to adhere to COVID restrictions and will be run by Dr Andrew Wallis.

Each workshop will be highly practical and will help you to develop in session reflective skills to guide your interviewing. Structured guidelines will be practiced through guided role playing and discussion at each workshop.

Workshop One: Advanced Interviewing Skills (Saturday September 26, 9am-4pm, The Crows Nest Centre )
This workshop aims to help develop advanced interviewing skills by learning how to explore issues and intervene with a combination of statements, questions and tasks that are drawn from a range of family therapy models.

Workshop Two: Managing Difficult Family Dynamics (Friday October 23rd, 9am-4pm, The Crows Nest Centre)
This workshop aims to develop the skills to manage complex dynamics that often present in session such as – helping the parents align, dealing with high express emotion, helping the young person participate, establishing collaborative problem solving between parents and their child, dealing with strong emotions in session and managing couple conflict.

Workshop Three: Managing common family meal challenges (Saturday November 28, 9am-4pm,   The Crows Nest Centre) 
This workshop aims to develop confidence using the family meal in treatment by learning a structure for the meal session and practicing a range of scenarios that can occur. There will also be ideas using the meal more than once and implementing the meal to target a particular stuck point. 

The cost of each workshop is $395. For further information or to register click here:

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Training on Family Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa on Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th October 2020 
(will be conducted in a live Zoom format) Facilitated by Colleen Alford and Andrew Wallis (from The Sydney Children’s Hospital Network)
Registration cost: AU$495 per person

BACKGROUND: Family Based Therapy is an outpatient treatment first developed at the Maudsley Hospital in London in the 1980’s with further research developments in the USA, and publication of a treatment manual in the early 2000’s. The model integrates concepts from a number of family therapy approaches but holds the basic premise that parents are the best resource to help their child recover from anorexia nervosa. The treatment is organised around three phases over 12 months. The initial focus is on nutritional nourishment and finishes with a focus on adolescent issues. The treatment is suitable for adolescents with Anorexia Nervosa with a short course of illness. Family Based Therapy has the strongest evidence base to date for this age group. The Eating Disorder Service at The Children’s Hospital first implemented the model in 2002.

WORKSHOP CONTENT: The aim of this workshop will be to provide intensive training in family based treatment over Zoom including:

  • Theoretical background and framework, including the roles of the multidisciplinary team in the model 
  • Detailed descriptions of each phase and the key sessions at the start of treatment 
  • Demonstrations by CHW therapists
  • Role play scenarios

Video segments of sessions and Zoom break out rooms will be used to facilitate active participation and learning. 

By the completion of this workshop participants should be able to begin to use the Family Based Treatment model in their own practice/clinical skills.

Prerequisites for the workshop would include:

  • Training and skills in child and adolescent mental health care
  • Knowledge and experience with adolescent eating disorders
  • Previous experience working with families is an advantage

Please contact Colleen Alford (9845 2005 or for further information or enquiries or click here.

RO-DBT Australia New Zealand Present: RO-DBT Intensive: Sydney 2020

Dates: Part 1- February 3-7th 2020; Part 2- October 19-23rd 2020
Fees: Student Price: $2,700; Early Bird: $3,700; Full Fee: $5,000

Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (RO DBT) is a new evidence based treatment targeting a spectrum of disorders characterized by excessive self-control, often referred to as overcontrol (OC). Psychological health or well-being in RO DBT is hypothesized to involve three core transacting features:

  1. Receptivity and Openness to new experience and disconfirming feedback in order to learn.
  2. Flexible-control in order to adapt to changing environmental conditions.
  3. Intimacy and social-connectedness (with at least one other person) based on premises that species survival required capacities to form long-lasting bonds and work in groups or tribes

Prices are for the complete 10 day intensive workshop (2 x 5 days) plus online support.

For more information and to book, please see:
For more information contact Tanya at: