ANZAED’s  group online consultation / supervision program provides accessible and affordable clinical consultation by a qualified and experienced eating disorder professionals.

It is provided in a group format in specific psychological and dietetic treatment modalities and aimed primarily at clinicians working with eating disorder patients who have completed some post-graduate training in the modality.

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  1. Through its network of professionals and trainers in Australia & New Zealand ANZAED will arrange the highest levels of clinical training via a a user-friendly format of professional support, aimed particularly at clinicians in private practice. ANZAED will provide an adjudication panel to vet and review all consultants and provide a complaints procedure. Please email [email protected] for further information.
  2. Promoting quality of care – The quality, consistency and fidelity of treatment is important due to the challenging nature of eating disorder treatment as well as the associated physical and psychological morbidity risks. Clinical consultation will be provided by a senior clinician with experience in clinical supervision, vetted by the peak eating disorder professional body to complement didactic training.
  3. Affordability and accessibility – A group consultation model makes peer consultation affordable for clinicians so that it is more likely to be accessed. This in turn meets the aim of improving the overall quality of treatment in the field.


  1. Consultations will occur in groups of up to 4.
  2. Session will be either weekly or fortnightly and be typically of 1 hour duration.
  3. The meetings will be held in blocks of 4 or 8 sessions, with the option to renew for further blocks.
  4. A one-time fee of $50 payable to ANZAED at the time of registration.
  5. A$70 plus GST (ANZAED members) or A$95 plus GST (non-members) are payable to the consultant per session. Modules are arranged in 4 or 8 sessions blocks per term, with the option to continue for further blocks.

Organisational consultations can be arranged by contacting [email protected],au


  1. ANZAED, the consultant and consultees will sign an agreement outlining the conditions of the consultation service
  2. A secure, reliable and confidential platform for online consultation shall be arranged by the consultant. The confidentiality of clinical material shall be ensured by the consultant and consultee. Any materials discussed or transmitted electronically shall be de-identified
  3. Appropriate standards of clinical care and advice are the responsibilities of the participants and subject to guidelines and rules of AHPRA and relevant professional bodies.


Consultants will have:

  1. A minimum of 10 years of clinical experience working in the field of eating disorder
  2. A minimum of 5 years conducting clinical supervision
  3. Demonstrated clinical experience in the modality they wish to consult
  4. Demonstrated experience in providing supervision in the modality

Selection clinical consultants will be based on standards of clinical expertise and experience, supervisory proficiency, as assessed ANZAED’s expert clinical panel.


Please see below the application criteria:

  • Modalities you wish to provide consultation
  • Length of clinical experience in the field of Eating Disorders
  • Length of clinical experience in the nominated modality
  • Experience in providing clinical supervision
  • Qualifications in the field of supervision
  • Graduate and Post-graduate clinical Qualifications and other relevant training and supervision received
  • Professional Affiliations
List of available consultants