By Gabriella Heruc, President, Australia & New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED)

Today is the Fourth Annual World Eating Disorders Action Day. This year the focus is “Eating Disorders Can’t Afford to Wait”!

ANZAED joins with the global eating disorder community, including sufferers and their families, professionals, researchers and policy makers, to call on greater access to accurate information, the end of myths and continued advocacy for resources and policy change, as there is no time to wait.

ANZAED realises the need to take action and continue to increase awareness around the seriousness of eating disorders. Although eating disorders can develop at any age, the peak risk period for the onset of an eating disorder is adolescence. What is even more alarming is that approximately 4% of the Australian population (close to one million people!) and 1% of the New Zealand population is experiencing an eating disorder. Even though new research and treatments are gaining momentum, many people are not receiving adequate care.

ANZAED invites our members to come together at the Adelaide Convention Centre on 23-24 August, 2019 for the annual conference ​​”The future – New approaches to prevention, detection, diagnosis, treatment and recovery” to share knowledge and ideas on the current understanding of eating disorders and their treatment.

We also encourage members to attend our face-to-face consultation meetings at the ANZAED Conference (Thurs 22nd Aug, 4.30pm-7pm) to provide feedback on the draft Clinical Practice & Training Standards for Mental Health Clinicians and Dietitians.

Let’s create a change together.