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ANZAED is keen to support all groups within it who work to understand, prevent or treat eating disorders. ANZAED has a number of Special Interest groups that have a shared specific interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge or learning. Members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field, and may communicate, meet and share this with the larger organisation. These SIGs also periodically hosts meetings at conferences of groups, including dietitians, nurses, GPs and early careers researchers.

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The membership of this group includes any financial member of ANZAED who has a particular interest in the treatment and recovery of children and youth with eating disorders. The Group will meet up to 3 times a year via video-conferencing and once a year at the annual ANZAED conference.

The Group aims to provide a forum for:

  • Information sharing and dissemination
  • Identifying and discussing common points of interest
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Collaboration

Chairs: Kellie Lavender | Tania Withington

​Contact Kellie Lavender at [email protected]

The membership of this group includes any financial member of ANZAED who identifies as an early career researcher, including undergraduate or postgraduate students, post-doctoral researchers or any other individual interested in research into eating disorders or related topics.

The Group aims to:

  • To provide support and guidance for new researchers working in the field of eating disorders and body image to establish a successful research career.
  • To provide a way for early career researchers to connect, disseminate information, discuss points of interest, and network.
  • To foster collaborations between early career researchers working in the field of eating disorders.
  • To establish mentoring relationships between senior academics and early career researchers within ANZAED.

Co-Chairs & contact persons: Katarina Prnjak – [email protected]; Nora Trompeter – [email protected]

The Neuroscience Special Interest Group (SIG) is open to all ANZAED members who have an interest in neuroscience and related disciplines including, neuropsychology, neuropsychiatry, cognitive neuroscience and neuroimaging.

The SIG aims to provide a forum for:

  • Information sharing and dissemination
  • Training opportunities
  • Networking and collaboration between neuroscience-researchers within the ANZAED

Co-Chairs & contact persons: Dr Trevor Steward: [email protected]; Dr Andrea Phillipou: [email protected]

We would like to invite nurses to

  • Connect and collaborate with other nurses working in the eating disorder field or who have an interest in eating disorders?
  • Be part of a group from which advocacy and education can occur

The Nurses Special Interest Group will aim to meet the needs of new and experienced practitioners in the mental health or medical field that work with children, adolescents and adults affected by an eating disorder.

If you are interested in being part of this group please contact one of the below Co-chairs: Michelle Caughey: [email protected]; Jocelyn Culpitt: [email protected];

Nutrition plays a role in the journey of everyone who experiences an eating disorder. And a large part of all evidence based treatments is improving nutrition. We would like to create a robust community with members from a variety of backgrounds. With that in mind, we welcome professionals from all disciplines, researchers and those with lived eating disorder experience. The Nutrition SIG is open to anyone who is interested in the role food and nutrition plays in eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery
1. To form a communication and support network of eating disorder professionals across multiple disciplines whose work involves food and nutrition
2. To advocate for the role food and nutrition plays in eating disorder prevention, treatment and recovery
3. To facilitate updated discussions and research on nutrition in relation to the treatment of eating disorders

The co-chairs are Tim Stewart (E: [email protected]) and Fiona Sutherland (E: [email protected]). Tim Stewart has worked as a Clinical and Sports Dietitian over the last 9 years which includes extensive experience working within the field of Eating Disorders and mental health. Currently, Tim is the Senior Dietitian for the Proactive Recovery Enhancement Program at The Geelong Clinic as well as a lecturer at La Trobe University. Fiona Sutherland has 20 years experience working in Eating Disorders across the clinical, supervision, sports and education/training sectors. She is currently a member of the ANZAED Executive as a general committee member & Social Media Co-Chair.

The membership of the ANZAED Occupational Therapy Special Interest Group {SIG} is made up of New Zealand and Australian Registered Occupational Therapists who are current financial members of ANZAED. We also have email links with non-ANZAED members.


  • to explore and develop the role of Occupational Therapists working in the field of eating disorders
  • to participate and support Occupational Therapy eating disorder research
  • to foster collaboration between Occupational Therapists working in the field of eating disorders
  • to advocate for an Occupational perspective within the treatment and recovery from eating disorders

We meet approximately bimonthly via Zoom, and annually at the ANZAED conference, in order to build relationships across the Tasman and build a sense of professional identity within the eating disorders professional community. We also provide webinars for members on Occupational Therapy related topics.

Chairperson: Maree Sievwright (NZ) [email protected]

Any ANZAED member who has a interest in the assessment and treatment of individuals with eating disorders who present in a private practice setting can join this SIG. The Group aims to provide a forum for:

  • Information sharing and dissemination
  • Identifying and discussing common points of interest
  • Networking
  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Collaboration

Chair and contact person: Ariana Elias: [email protected]

This a new membership group for any financial member of ANZAED who has a particular interest in the integration of psychodynamic theory and practice within evidence informed treatment for eating disorders. The group will meet four times a year via video-conferencing and during the annual ANZAED conference.​

Through presentations, discussions and readings, this SIG will enable clinicians to share and develop ideas on how a psychodynamic approach can shed light on the development and maintenance of eating disorders, the importance of understanding transference and countertransference within the therapeutic relationship, and to respond to the growing acknowledgment of the need for formulation driven work with children, adolescents and adults, regardless of which modality is being used.


The group will provide a forum for:

  • Information sharing and exploration (curiosity is more important than prior knowledge)
  • Identifying and discussing common points of interest relating to psychodynamic/psychoanalytic theory and practice
  • Education opportunities (including outreach, specialist webinars etc.)
  • Collaboration

Co-chairs: Dr Annaleise Robertson ([email protected]) and Chris Thornton

The membership of this group is available to any ANZAED member who has an interest in Rural and Regional areas. The Rural and Remote SIG will meet annually at the ANZAED conference as well as throughout the year utilising webinars, teleconferencing and a listserv to aid communication outside of these meetings. The aims of the group include

    • ​to connect, support, discuss & raise the profile of the unique challenges associated with working in a Rural and Remote locations
    • to offer opportunities for further education & advocacy
    • provide a space for collaboration for members & a support network

Chairs are Deanne Harris and Haylee Adamson. Please contact Haylee Adamson at [email protected]

Members who are having difficulty in registering for this SIG, please contact us at [email protected]

The WS & SJ SIG is open to all members who have an interest in understanding the role and effects of weight stigma in the realm of eating disorders and their treatment.  Underpinning the concept of weight stigma is the broader issue of social justice, which advocates for diversity, acceptance and open access to services, treatment and support for ALL people in ALL bodies.

This SIG will be seeking to build on the “courageous conversations” that were started at the 2018 ANZAED Conference in Melbourne, where we heard from lived experience, alongside the work of health professionals, that eating disorders can and do occur in ALL bodies and that we all need to work to dismantle the effects of weight stigma and bias, to allow anyone who is struggling with eating disorders, body image, or eating concerns, to get proper care without fear of judgement or discrimination.

This SIG was initially titled ‘Health at Every Size’, however, our international colleagues at the AED changed the name of their HAES SIG to ‘Weight Stigma and Social Justice’, to reflect the underlying discourse of the HAES approach.  Thus, we decided to align with them in the push to further our understanding of these concepts.

The aim of this Group is to:

  • Provide a supportive forum for further learning and shared experience in working from a non-diet, HAES, intuitive eating approach to eating disorders and body image concerns.
  • Provide learning opportunities in the form of webinars and/or meetings 3-4 times a year on suitable topics related to weight stigma and social justice.
  • Allow for lived experience, alongside professional research and experience in the field to inform us and open up discussion, respectful debate and collaboration on topics and issues that arise regularly in the realm of eating disorders.
  • Explore and work to remove the barriers, obstacles and pitfalls that make equal access to eating disorder treatment and care difficult for some people and groups.
  • Build a network of people who share these interests.

Chairs and Contacts: Dr. Annette Ostermeyer: [email protected]; Josephine Money: [email protected]

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