Sponsorship of professional development in eating disorders

ANZAED’s Training and Education Sponsorship Fund is designed to assist external organisations provide education in eating disorders.

Application for sponsorship can be made on the Training and Education Sponsorship formApplications will be considered at Monthly Executive meetings. We will notify you within 6 weeks of the status of your application. Please ensure applications are submitted to allow sufficient processing time. Criteria for Sponsorship of an educational event/activity are listed below. Contact the ANZAED office for more information.

The event/activity:

Provides direct benefit to ANZAED members:

  1. Is relevant to, and promoted to, the broad membership base
  2. Supports ANZAED members in regional and remote areas (Applications from non Eastern seaboard locations are encouraged)
  3. Supports ANZAED members who are otherwise disadvantaged (e.g. students on low incomes)
  4. Generates information or resources that will be available to ANZAED members (e.g. via ANZAED website or newsletter)\
  5. Promotes ANZAED membership to potential members
  6. Generates income for ANZAED
  7. Is not in temporal competition with the ANZAED annual conference

Is in line with ANZAED’s aims:

  1. Provides training or education specific to research/prevention/treatment of eating disorders (e.g. Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Course would not be eligible whereas DBT for BN would be)
  2. Makes a useful contribution to meeting current local/state/national training needs
  3. Is consistent with the available evidence base and literature

Is consistent with ANZAED’s available funds:

  1. Any financial risk is acceptably low. In most cases training organisersaccept responsibility for ensuring financial viability of event/activity
  2. If the request is for ANZAED to fund a discounted rate for ANZAED members, a capped maximum amount of expenditure is calculated
  1. To check whether those applying are members of ANZAED
  2. The ANZAED logo is present on all promotional material
  3. Where internet registration is used it be linked to the ANZAED membership page so that all registrants are exposed to the “benefits of membership” page and the ANZAED application for membership
  4. Registrants are able to apply for membership and the discount via the registration page
  5. ANZAED promotional materials be distributed at the conference and in registrant packages within reasonable limits
  1. Application by the organizers is made to the ANZAED president using the ANZAED Training and Education Sponsorship Fund application form
  2. The application is presented to the ANZAED executive at either the monthly meeting or by email for discussion
  3. A vote will take place at the executive meeting
  4. ANZAED executive members with an interest in the application will abstain from the vote.
  5. Approval requires a 2/3 majority of members voting yes