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Executive Committee

Sian McLean (President), Rachel Lawson, Kim Hurst, Mandy Goldstein, Shane Jeffrey, Shannon Calvert, Elizabeth Dale, Deb Mitchison, Marion Roberts, Jess Ryan, Gemma Sharp & Sarah Wells

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Policies & Procedures committee

Responsible for developing and reviewing ANZAED’s policies & procedures.
Members can join this committee only if they are existing ANZAED Exec members

Mandy Goldstein (Chair), Sian McLean & Deborah Mitchison

Finance committee

Responsible for managing and overseeing the financial aspects of the organisation​.

Shane Jeffrey (chair), Sian Mclean, Rachel Lawson, Jeremy Freeman

Business Development committee

Responsible for developing business and sponsorship partnerships with other organisations.

Shane Jeffrey (Chair), Sarah Wells, Fiona Sutherland, Randall Long, Claire Middleton, Linsey Atkins, Anthea Fursland, Jeremy Freeman

Social Media committee

Responsible for the development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of ANZAED’s online social media activities, in particular Facebook and Twitter.

Fiona Sutherland (Co-chair), Jessica Podkowka (Co-chair), Andrea LaMarre, Amber Fletcher, Mandy-Lee Noble, Elysa Roberts, Sheeny Shanker-Butler, Sarah Wells

Membership committee

Purpose is to facilitate ANZAED’s acting on behalf of members, identifying ways to improve member benefits and identifying ways to increase and retain membership.

Gemma Sharp (Chair), Jess Ryan, Shannon Calvert, Annaleise Robertson, Anita Raspovic, Megan Bray

Online Consultation committee

ANZAED’s group online consultation/supervision program provides accessible and affordable clinical consultation by a qualified and experienced eating disorder professionals.

Megan Bray (Chair), Jessica Ryan, Tania Dickinson, Mandy Goldstein

Digital Operations committee

Responsible for the development, implementation, promotion and evaluation of ANZAED’s online professional development activities including videos, clinical guidelines and references.

Deb Etienne-Ward (chair), Elizabeth Dale (Exec Liaison), Aimee Maxwell, Sarah McMahon

Professional Development committee

Responsible for developing ANZAED’s strategic direction in professional development, including partnerships with other organisations​.

Jessica Ryan (Chair), Chris Basten, Mandy Goldstein, Michelle Roberton, Sarah Trobe, Amy Talbot, Jeremy Freeman

Past President’s committee

Purpose is to play an advisory role to the ANZAED Office Bearers and Executive, and to assist in making connections with other eating disorder organisations, professionals and academic institutions, both national and international.

Kim Hurst (Chair), Gabbi Heruc, Paul Foulkes, Anthea Fursland, Susan Paxton, Beth Shelton, Phillipa Hay, Chris Thornton; Sloane Madden

Conference & Workshop Committees

Responsible for the organisation of ANZAED training events

Joanne Titterton & Deb Mitchison

Scientific Co-chairs
Lois Surgenor & Andrew Wallis

Colleen Alford; Evelyn Boon; Shannon Calvert; Deanne Harris; Susan Hart; Trevor Stewart; Ranjani Utpala

Catherine Houlihan & Megan Bray

Olivia Carter & Shannon Calvert

Scientific Chair

Professor Susan Byrne


Sue Byrne, Shannon Calvert, Fiona Cartwright, Jemma Caswell, Tania Coats, Emma Dove, Kate Fleming, Janet Fountaine, Jeremy Freeman,  Anthea Fursland, Stephanie Hill, Kim Hoiles, Fintan O’Looney, Uli O’Sullivan, Kasia Targowski, Melissa Edwin

Linsey Atkins & Michelle Roberton

Claire Diffey, Jeremy Freeman

Randall Long, Tracey Wade

Emma Altman, Michael Batterham, Angela Mignone, Kate Parsons, Mia Pellizzer, Anna Steele, Eloisa Steen, Simon Wilksch, Anthea Fursland, Genevieve Pepin, Fiona Sutherland

Marion Roberts, Rachel Lawson (co-chairs)
Emma Thompson, Lynne Blake, Rosie Brown Jeremy Freeman

Scientific Committee

Anthea Fursland, Jerel Calzo

Jessica Baker, Olivia Carter, Susan Hart, Sian McLean, Deborah Mitchison, Mae Lynn Reyes-Rodriguez, Chris Thornton, Tracey Wade, Ashley Solomon, Christina Wierenga