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Eating Disorder Presentations in Sport and Exercise: Considerations and Adaptations for Psychological Treatme

Presenter: Ashleigh Olive, Psychologist (Sport & Exercise Psychology Registrar)

Thursday 2 July (1 hour duration)
2pm New Zealand; 12pm NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, QLD; 11.30am SA, NT; 10am WA


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Ashleigh Olive is a Psychologist (Sport & Exercise Psychology Registrar) whose postgraduate research explored sport-related weight pressures and body image concerns in elite female athletes. Ashleigh’s research inspired her to pursue her current role, at the Centre for Integrative Health in Brisbane, where her clinical practice is dedicated to supporting elite athletes, exercisers, and the wider community experiencing disordered eating, weight, and body image concerns.  Ashleigh has acquired extensive experience in utilising evidence-based eating disorder treatments and providing psychological support for exercise dependence, compulsive exercise, relative energy deficiency in sport, and adherence to safe exercise guidelines during eating disorder recovery.

Webinar Overview: Research has demonstrated that disordered eating is more prevalent among athletes than non-athletes. Whilst athletes are exposed to the same general societal expectations regarding body image, weight, and appearance, the increased prevalence of disordered eating in athlete populations is likely due to unique pressures, demands, and requirements within the sport environment. In this webinar, Ashleigh will discuss unique considerations and adaptations for the psychological treatment of disordered eating and body-image concerns in elite athletes and high-performance sport environments.

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