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Eating Disorders and the Internet: Opportunities and Threats

Presenter: Eric F van Furth, PhD, FAED, The Netherlands

Thursday 3 September (1 hour duration)
6pm New Zealand; 4pm NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, QLD; 3.30pm SA, NT; 2pm WA

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Professor Eric van Furth, Ph.D., FAED is Director at Rivierduinen Eating Disorders Ursula, a mental health organization in the Netherlands. He is Professor of Eating Disorders at the department of psychiatry, Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), the Netherlands. Dr. van Furth is a clinical psychologist and family therapist. After receiving his Ph.D. in psychology from Utrecht University, he went on to pen over 90 publications, primarily journals, chapters, educational videos, and conference papers on eating disorders. He has also published three books on the subject and is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the International Journal of Eating Disorders (IJED), European Eating Disorders Review (EEDR) and Eating Behaviors. He has been working clinically with patients with eating disorders for more than 35 years. He is currently the president of the Dutch Academy for Eating Disorders. Lastly Van Furth is a Fellow and Past-President of the Academy for Eating Disorders.

Webinar Overview: Although our knowledge of eating disorders is increasing and the evidence base for treatment is expanding, individuals with an eating disorder and their families still face many barriers in reaching recovery. The eating disorder itself may hinder the recognition and acknowledgement that one suffers from a disorder (i.e. patient delay). But most barriers in the recovery process can be found in the treatment delivery system. Service availability (where can I get help?), affordability, and service accessibility (i.e. system delay) are limited in many countries. Consequently, only 25% to 50% of adult individuals with an eating disorder access treatment.

The challenge for eating disorder professionals thus is to reach more individuals with an eating disorder, at an early stage of the disorder and to provide them with (cost) effective matching care options. The internet provides many opportunities to overcome the barriers mentioned above. Web based interventions and apps for prevention, early detection and treatment of eating disorders are widely available, but often untested in terms of (cost) effectiveness. This webinar will provide an update of the current literature on e-mental health for eating disorders. I will then focus on two examples form our program: and Featback. Lastly the threats the internet can pose for vulnerable women with an eating disorder will be discussed by focusing on our recent pro-ana coach research.

Embodied Journeys in Complex Social Terrains: Informing Practice and Research

Presenter: Dr. Niva Piran, Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto

Thursday 1 October (1 hour duration)
12pm New Zealand; 9am NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, QLD; 8.30am SA, NT; 7am WA

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Dr. Niva Piran is an award-winning author, researcher, teacher, and mentor. She is Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto, a clinical psychologist, and a school consultant. A Fellow of the American and Canadian Psychological Associations and the Academy of Eating Disorders, Dr. Piran developed and implemented the first day hospital program for eating disorders (in 1984) and spearheaded eating disorder prevention. She is a prolific scholar, an author and co-editor of 5 books, and a frequent international speaker on embodiment, body image, and eating disorder prevention and treatment. Her book, Journeys of Embodiment at the Intersection of Body and Culture: The Developmental Theory of Embodiment (2017) won the 2018 Association for Women in Psychology Distinguished Publication Award.

Webinar Overview: Embodied journeys unfold as individuals engage with complex social systems over time. As the critical gaze at the social environment deepens, so does our understanding of diverse body journeys – essential to both clinical and prevention work. This talk will offer a critical examination of body journeys as understood through the Developmental Theory of Embodiment – a novel theory anchored in over 170 interviews with girls and women, focus groups with girls and boys, and survey studies with adult women. Through explicating the body journey of one girl, the talk will highlight the range of physical experiences, social discourses, and experiences of social power and relational connections that shape embodiment. Implications to clinical practice and research will be woven into the presentation. Participants’ input will be invited.

Updates in the Treatment of ARFID

Presenter: Jennifer J. Thomas, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

Thursday 19 November (1 hour duration)
12pm New Zealand; 9am NSW, ACT, VIC, TAS, QLD; 8.30am SA, NT; 7am WA

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